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eISSN: 2329-0358

Stem Cells of The Human Skin Epithelium – Can They Be Isolated and Resume Function As Single-Cells Transplanted Into Recipient Skin Defects?

W L Olszewski

Ann Transplant 2004; 9(4): 34-36

ID: 12981

Published: 2004-12-15

A review, supplemented by own observations, on the human epidermal stem cells on identification, anatomical location, proliferation capacity and storage of these cells has been presented. There are no specific markers for epidermal stem cells and the criteria for identification are based on low kinetics of cycling, retention of bromdeoxyuridine or thymidine, expression of ß integrin, transferrin receptor, protooncogene p63 and adherence to collagen IV. The regenerative capacity resides not only in stem cells but also in their more committed progeny. Problems concerning practical aspects as transplantation of epidermal stem cells at single-cell level or in context of whole epidermis for covering large skin defects and in gene therapy are discussed.

Keywords: Stem Cell, keratinocyte, P63, Preservation, Transplantation