eISSN 2329-0358


Organ Transplantation In Austria

W Blaicher, H Pokorny, S Rockenschaub, H Puhalla, F Miihlbacher

Ann Transplant 1996; 1(3): 41-44

ID: 496669

Published: 1996-09-20

Dramatic advances in the field of transplantation have occured since the first kidney transplantation in Austria in 1965. Due to better understanding of histocompatibility, organ preservation, surgical techniques and immunosuppressive drug therapy, quality of life and survival of graft recipients have been greatly enhanced. The advent of Ciclosporine in 1982 stimulated the kidney transplant programme enormously, subsequently new programs were instituted for liver, heart, pancreas and recently lung transplantation.

Keywords: Legislation, transplant coordinators, Organ Transplantation