eISSN 2329-0358


Contribution of Transplantation to the Development of Medical Science. How Transplantation Contributes to the World of Medicine

Leszek Paczek, Bartosz Foroncewicz

Ann Transplant 2006; 11(2): 29-31

ID: 496982

Published: 2006-06-16

It is very well known that the development of medical disciplines, but also nonmedical sciences such as ethics, physics, or economy has a remarkable impact on advances in transplantology. A question arises whether transplantology gives anything in return? Presented paper provides several examples of how transplantation contributes to the world of medicine. These examples include influence of both clinical practice and research in the field of transplantation on the advances in other medical specializations: nephrology (treatment of glomerulopathies, reducing fibrosis), cardiology (preventing atherosclerosis and neointima formation, sirolimus-coated stents), haematology (Sirolimus for GvHD) or oncology (anti-tumor effects of sirolimus).

Keywords: Transplantation, immunology, ischaemic heart disease, Sirolimus, Medical Disciplines