eISSN 2329-0358


Higher exposure to cyclosporine A with unchanged tolerability in patients converted from Sandimmun to Sandimmun Neoral

Aleksandra Serafinowicz, Zbigniew Gaciong, Tomasz Cieciura, Teresa Baczkowska, Krzysztof Kukula, Mieczyslaw Lao

Ann Transplant 1997; 2(2): 12-15

ID: 497146

Published: 1997-06-13

Neoral (NEO) is claimed to have better pharmacokinetics than standard preparation of cyclosporine (SIM) thus providing more reliable immunosuppression. We estimated safety and tolerability of NEO and compared pharmacokinetic parameters in 20 stable renal allograft recipients (RARs) converted from SIM to NEO treatment. Another 20 stable RARs continuously treated with SIM created a control group. Whole blood trough CsA level (Co) did not differ after conversion (SIM: 136.2:t33 ng/ml and NEO: 142.6:t 34 ng/ml). During therapy with NEO peak blood concentration (Cmax)was significandy higher (935.6:t 368 ng/mI) and occurred earlier (TmaxIhr. 36 min. :t30 min) as compared to the period on SIM(Cmax598 :t309 ng/ml. p=O.OI). Tmax=3 hr.:t Ih36 min., (p=O .01) respectively. AUC increased from 2975.4:t 1020 ngxhr/ml to 4236.1 :t 1188 ngxhr/ml (p

Keywords: Sandimmun Neoral, Pharmacokinetics