eISSN 2329-0358


ChronicRejection. A general overview of histopathology and pathophysiology with emphasis on liver, heart and intestinal allografts

A J Demetris, N Muras, R G Lee, P Randhawa, A Zeevi, S Pham, R Duquesnoy, J J Fung, T E Starzl

Ann Transplant 1997; 2(2): 27-44

ID: 497154

Published: 1997-06-13

Recent advances in immunosuppression, operative techniques and patient management have improved short term one year survival rates after kidney, liver and heart transplantation to more than 80% at most experienced centers. In fact, organ allograft recipients without major post-operative complications are being discharged from the hospital within several weeks of the operation, a scenario almost unheard of even as little as a decade ago...

Keywords: chronic rejection, arteriopathy, Organ Transplantation, direct injury hypothesis