eISSN 2329-0358


Morphological and Structural Study of Sio2-Based Porous Glass Ceramic in Bone

P. N. De Aza, Z. B. Luklinska

Ann Transplant 2004; 9(1A): 10-14

ID: 15620

Published: 2004-01-15

The paper reports on the structural morphology of the interface in vivo between a porous glass ceramic (A3) belonging to the system SiO2 – CaO
– MgO – K2O – Na2O – P2O2 and the surrounding bone in rat tibias.
The interfaces formed after 6, 8 and 12 weeks of implantation were examined by analytical scanning and high-resolution transmission electron
microscopy, up to the lattice plane resolution level.

Keywords: biomaterials, A3 Implant, SEM, EDS