eISSN 2329-0358


Cyclosporin A Decreases Lymphocyte Migration to the Heart Allograft Through Suppression of their L-Selectin Expression

M Maksymowicz, B Lukomska, A Ziolkowska, S Janczewska, E Cybulska, W L Olszewski

Ann Transplant 1998; 3(1): 34-36

ID: 497369

Published: 1998-03-13

Cyclosporin A (CsA) changes the distribution of the circulating pool of lymphocytes and decreases their traffic to organ allograft. The mechanism of this process is complex and includes, among others, inhibition of induction of nuclear factor of activated T cells and suppression of GM CSF and E-selectin expression. We studied the expression adhesion molecules CD II a, CD 18, CD44, CDS4 and CD62L on the thoracic duct lymphocytes of rats treated with CsA. The 7-day administration of CsA evidently decreased the expression of CD62L but did not affect the other adhesion molecules. Lower concentration of CD62L molecules on the surface of circulating lymphocytes may influence their migration to allograft and distribution in host lymphoid tissues.

Keywords: Heart Transplant, cyclosporin A, Iympocyte migration, adhesion molecules